About Us

Towels have a long history in Japan, appearing first in the Meiji era around 1872. MAGE (pronounced Mayj) is named after the Meiji era (May-jee), a time where Japanese natives took to the traditional hot springs to enjoy the therapeutic properties of bathing in their waters.

The Japanese people have always had a loving relationship with bathing, seeing it as a form of relaxation and respite after a hard day. At MAGE, we wanted to introduce this Japanese tradition to our Australian customers, showing that investing in luxury and reveling in your bathtime routine can have a calming effect on the body and the mind. We believe owning quality items like our Japanese towels can improve your lifestyle and excite you in a positive way.

We work with Japanese manufacturers from Imabari City to develop the essence of beauty and elegance in our range of premium towels. These bathroom towels invoke the traditional methods used in Japanese towel making in the Meiji era: soft water dyeing, careful cotton construction, and the use of Oboro colors to offer superior absorbency and elegance to your bathroom routine.

Select high-caliber lifestyle products from Japan. Choose MAGE as your guide to a better-quality, better-lived life.